Coexistence | Thesaurus of intersectionality

“ For Black Women as well as Black men , it is axiomatic  that if we do not define ourselves for ourselves, we will be defined by others – for their use and to our detriment”.   Audre Lorde (1984, p. 45)

The COEXISTENCE |Thesaurus of intersectionality | race| gender| sexuality | feminist studies  is a  device to knowledge organisation from an intersectionality perspective. It’s believed that, historically,  the devices of knowledge organisation can reaffirm the regimes of oppression, especially with reference to questions relating to race, gender, sexuality and feminist studies.
Our effort, with COEXISTENCE,  is systematize, organize and disseminate the terms, concepts and theories that can be assist us  on performance as scholars,  professionals of information, activists,  professor and opinion leader towards a world  fairer and more egalitarian.